Strap Safety System

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  • Safety Strap Hanger Sets are available in 1100mm depths of CLUSTER Full Power Rack or Rigs.

    Gloss Powder coated finish,scratch resistant.

    Notched Pin for Secure fastening.

    Bolt does not need to be removed for adjustments. which allows for easy and quick adjustment.

    The 50mm Nylon belt with double-layer design and overall seam reinforcement treatment.

    Each adjustable strap is secured to a set of brackets, which are manufactured from 8mm thick steel.

    Brackets can be mounted at different heights, this provides the an option of positioning the strap at an uneven angle-- forcing a dropped bar to roll safely away from an athlete on a missed lift. The nylon material of the strap is also treat the barbell knurl more friendly.

    Color: Black belt and gloss red powdercoating

    Important: It is are compatible ONLY with 75*75mm square tube rigs and racks upright column , must be 1100mm space between the two upright column.

    Note: The bolts do not need to be removed in order to adjust the height of the strap hangers.