Cluster Ultimate Combination Half Power Rack (with Weightlifting Platform)

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  • Transform your training with the Cluster Ultimate Combination Half Power Rack. This top-tier setup is fully equipped with extra features like plate hangers, reinforced J-hooks, power lever arms, and more. Designed for athletes who demand comprehensive training options, it's an exceptional fit for both home gyms and professional facilities.

    Key Features:

    • Feature-Rich: Includes additional plate hangers, reinforced J-hooks, Cluster power lever arms, two sets of rig landmines, two sets of leaning backs, a safety arm belt, and a barbell tube.
    • Multi-Functional: This all-in-one rack accommodates a broad spectrum of exercises, from squats to specialized landmine workouts.
    • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting stability and performance.


    75*3 pipe material, 2.3M height, bottom with weightlifting platform, plate hangers, pair of reinforced J-hooks, 1 set of Cluster power lever arms, 2 sets of rigs landmines, 2 sets of leaning backs, safety arm belt 1 Set, 1 barbell tube