Competition Change Plates (0.5KG - 2.5KG) [SOLD IN PAIRS]

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    Our incremental plates allow you to slowly improve your lifts in a safe manner.
    Perfect for working your way up and finding your 'Personal Best' lifts or simply to increase the weight in small increments if you are just starting out.

    In the offical International Weight Lifting Federation colours makes it easy to identify what weight you are lifting.

    Product Code Description Weight Colour
    CP-KGWT-1406 Diameter: 130MM
    Thickness: 130mm
    Collar opening50.40MM
    0.5KG White
    CP-KGWT-1407 Diameter: 160MM
    Thickness: 150mm
    Collar opening50.40MM
    1KG Green
    CP-KGYW-1408 Diameter: 180MM
    Thickness: 180mm
    Collar opening50.40MM
    1.5KG Yellow
    CP-KGBL-1409 Diameter: 190MM
    Thickness: 190mm
    Collar opening50.40MM
    2KG Blue
    CP-KGRD-1410 Diameter: 210MM
    Thickness: 200mm
    Collar opening50.40MM
    2.5KG Red

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