Cluster Home Gym Package V2.1 (with Choice of Barbell)

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  • Specifically put together by coaches to to help kickstart your fitness routines at home!

    The package includes the following:
    - Multi-funtional Squat Stand A (SKU: CL-RACKBK-0407)
    - Gymnastic Rings + Straps - 1 set (CL-PJWD-1824-01)
    - Cluster Resistance Bands 
    1 x Purple, 1 x Green or 1x Green, 1 x Blue
    - Foam Roller (SKU: CL-PJBK-1883)
    - CLUSTER Olympic Lifting Bar (15KG/20KG)

    Female: Male:

    Cluster Black Training Plates - 2 x20s, 2x 15s, 2 x10x, 2 x5s, 2 x2.5s
    (SKU: PL-KGBK-1316 ... PL-KGBK-1319
    2.5KG SKU: CP-KGRD-1410)
    - Plastic Collars
    - EVA Plyo Box (SKU: CL-EVABK-0001)
    - Wall Ball 
    (6KG = Female) CL-PVCBK-1006
    (9KG = Male) CL-PVCBK-1009
    - Wall Ball Target (SKU: CL-RIGBK-0301)
    - Hex Dumbbells 2.0 (Black with rubber grip)

    Female: Male:
    2 x 15KG
    2 x 10KG
     2 x 22.5KG
    2 x 15KG

    Ader Kettlebells:

    Female: Male:
    16KG 24KG

    - Ab Matt 
    (SKU: CL-PJBK-1825)
    - CLUSTER Speed rope 
    (SKU: CL-PJRD-1819)
    - Dowell (Monk Bar - Wood) (SKU: CL-BARWD-1204)
    - Cluster Mini Timer (SKU: CL-PJBK-1830)
    - Cluster Folding Mat 
    (SKU: CL-PJBK-1882)
    - Cluster Towel 
    (SKU: CL-MJBK-0002)
    - Cluster Shaker 
    (SKU: CL-YYBBK-0001)


    1) Images are only illustrations of the products mentioned above. Included in the package is only what is mentioned in the product list above
    2) This package cannot be purchased with any other special offer or coupon.
    3) Warranty: 5/10KG variant plates are warrantied for 90 days. The 15/20/25KG variants are warrantied for 1 year.

    Rest of package: 1 Year

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