Multifunctional Power Rack - SL

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  • Smith, Lat pull down and Low Row Power Rack 
    Uprights:75*75cm square tube, tube wall thickness 3mm.
    Base:50*75cm square tube, tube wall thickness 3mm.
    Laser cut holes (50mm spacing) and front laser cut 1-25 digits. A total of 25 scale numbers. For putting on attachments and positioning them.
    Powder coated finish, scratch resistant.
    M20 large reinforced bolts

    Attachments Including:
    (1) set of Smith System 
    (1)set of Lat pull down and Low Row System—Hight quality weight stack and pulleys,100KG weight stack (5KG increments))
    (1) pair of CLUSTER standard J-cup.
    (8) Weight Plates Hanger.
    (1)Multi Grip Crossmember PRO

    Colour: All Matte Black powder coating 

    We now offer a wide range of functional accessories including this awesome Multifunctional CLUSTER Power Rack.

    The Multifunctional Power Rack-SL provides trainers with more training options in a small area, suitable for home gyms, studios, or gyms where space is at a premium

    1.The Smith system offers 10 adjustable heights.
    Adjustable protection hook-arms on the bottom and offers reliable protection through any failed rep.
    2. Lat pull down and Low Row System provides the possibility of quickly adjusting weight. Easy to use.

    The relevant functional attachments can be selected for the Uprights and the base.

    Notice: Optional Add-Ons: Other extra compatible fictional Attachments parts need to be purchased separately.
    Please confirm attachment compatibility when purchasing.