PVC Medicine Ball (4LB - 30LB) - Ex Redemption Comp

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Note: You are buying Ex Competition Gear!

This gear will only be used for one day on Saturday the 8th of October, you can either pick up straight after the event on Saturday or we can have it delivered to you at your expense.

Get in quick on this heavily discounted gear that is coming in brand new for the Cluster Invitational Redemption event this yearπŸ”₯

Made for high-speed, high-intensity training.
PVC material, anti-breaking, anti-wear, anti-sun; internal filled high-elastic silk cotton, will not be deformed for a long time. The diameter is 36CM, the center of gravity is stable, and there is no obvious offset when rolling on the ground for 2 meters.

The rebound ~ 30CM.

Product Code Weight Colour Price
CL-PVCBK-1001 4 LB Black with pink logo $84.00
CL-PVCBK-1002 6LB Black with pink logo $87.00
CL-PVCBK-1003 8LB Black with light blue logo $91.00
CL-PVCBK-1004 10 LB Black with white logo $100.00
CL-PVCBK-1005 12 LB Black with green logo $140.00
CL-PVCBK-1006 14 LB Black with yellow logo $145.00
CL-PVCBK-1007 16 LB Black with dark blue logo $150.00
CL-PVCBK-1008 18 LB Black with orange logo $155.00
CL-PVCBK-1009 20 LB Black with red logo $170.00
CL-PVCBK-1010 25 LB Black with grey logo $200.00
CL-PVCBK-1011 30 LB Black with white logo $210.00