PVC Medicine Ball (4LB - 30LB)

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  • Made for high-speed, high-intensity training.
    PVC material, anti-breaking, anti-wear, anti-sun; internal filled high-elastic silk cotton, will not be deformed for a long time. The diameter is 36CM, the center of gravity is stable, and there is no obvious offset when rolling on the ground for 2 meters.

    The rebound ~ 30CM.

    Product Code Weight Colour Price
    CL-PVCBK-1001 4 LB Black with pink logo $84.00
    CL-PVCBK-1002 6LB Black with pink logo $87.00
    CL-PVCBK-1003 8LB Black with light blue logo $91.00
    CL-PVCBK-1004 10 LB Black with white logo $100.00
    CL-PVCBK-1005 12 LB Black with green logo $140.00
    CL-PVCBK-1006 14 LB Black with yellow logo $145.00
    CL-PVCBK-1007 16 LB Black with dark blue logo $150.00
    CL-PVCBK-1008 18 LB Black with orange logo $155.00
    CL-PVCBK-1009 20 LB Black with red logo $170.00
    CL-PVCBK-1010 25 LB Black with grey logo $200.00
    CL-PVCBK-1011 30 LB Black with white logo $210.00