Full Spotter Safety Bars/Beams

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  • Size:1283*100*170mm
    Designed for 1100mm depth of CLUSTER Full Power Rack or Rigs.
    50*75cm square tube,tube wall thickness 3mm.
    Laser cut holes(50mm spacing)and laser cut 1-17digits, a total of 17 scale numbers.For putting on attachments and positioning.
    Powder coated finish,scratch resistant.
    Connecting plate thickness :8mm.
    Easy slide-in and lock-down installation.
    A soft plastic cap device is added at the end of the fixed pin to reduce the friction on the rigs or racks upright during picking and unloading, and protect the surface of the upright.
    A UHMW plastic covering is included on the top surface, help to prevent any damage to your bar’s knurling on a drop.
    If the users training in home gym along or just want to break the max lift weight recording, the Full Safety Bars can offer reliable protection through any failed rep.
    The precise structure allows it to be better close with the upright column surface, very small gap,more stable and able to withstand even greater impact. It only supports CLUSTER 75*75 square tubes.
    Important: It is are compatible ONLY with 75*75mm square tube rigs and racks upright column , must be 1100mm space between the two upright column.

    Color:All Matte Black powdercoating