Cluster Fitness Fold Back Wall Mounted Rack

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  • Wall-mount design, can be folded outward for space savings whilst maintaining the stability of a standard Squat Rack.
    Designed with hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and rock solid.
    The distance from the wall is 85cm, so that when the athletes do Pull-Ups it will give them room to Kipping etc.
    When folded, two-way outer folding or folding in the same direction is required. Please note that it cannot be folded inward.

    Laser cut holes (50mm spacing) and front laser cut 1-25 digits, a total of 25 scale numbers. For putting on attachments and positioning.

    Powder coated finish, scratch resistant.
    Connecting hinge thickness: 8mm.
    M20 large reinforced bolts.

    Size: 1375mm*1012mm*2300mm
    Space Saving Power Rack.
    Uprights: 75*75cm square tube,tube wall thickness 3mm,2300 height.
    Inside Depth: Inside depth 850mm.
    Attachments Including:
    (1) pair of CLUSTER standard J-cup.
    (1) Quick-attach Pull-Up Bar(red)

    Color: All Matte Black powdercoating

    Optional Add-Ons: Other extra compatible fuctional Attachments parts need to be purchased separately.
    Please confirm attachment compatibility when purchasing.


    Installation information:
    Internal expansion screw, size: M12
    Drill bit Diameter: 16mm
    Wall requirements: it must be a solid concrete wall or a solid brick wall or Similar
    Wall mounted internal expansion screw :M12 ,   L100mm

    Mounting Screws for wall included and sample images attached below.


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