Combination half Power Rack - With weightlifting platfrom

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    Size: 2435*3000*2353Hmm.
    Uprights:75*75cm square tube,tube wall thickness 3mm.
    Base:50*75cm square tube,tube wall thickness 3mm.
    Bottom weight platform size: 3000 * 1000 * 50mm.
    Laser cut holes(50mm spacing)and front laser cut 1-25 digits, a total of 25 scale numbers.For putting on attachments and positioning.
    Powder coated finish,scratch resistant.
    Connecting plate thickness :8mm.
    M20 large reinforced bolts
    Inner rack 1 meter space, can be used with SC69 bars
    Max Weight Rating: 300KG

    Attachments Including:
    (1) pair of CLUSTER standard J-cup.
    (2) CLUSTER Single Bar Holder C.
    (1) pair of CLUSTER Safety Spotter Arm.
    (6) Weight Plates Hanger.
    (1)Multi Grip Crossmember
    (1)set of weight platform: 2000 * 1000 * 50mm.
    (Includes 6pcs 1m*1m*2.5cm weightlifting floor mats and 2 small floor mats, and 1 set of platform frame, 1pc 2m*1m*2.5cm Weightlifting Bamboo Floor)

    Color:All Matte Black powdercoating
    The rack have a huge amount of additional storage capacity and  have space for benching, rack pulls,weightlifting,deadlift and more.

    Unit does not need to be bolted to the floor.
    Notice:Optional Add-Ons:Other extra compatible fuctional Attachments part need to be purchased separately.Please confirm attachment compatibility when purchasing.

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