Adjustable Squat J-Cups

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  • Special hook for heavy-weigh squat and bench press without having to walk the bar out from the rack. the hook is automatically retracted when the bar is lifted, and the action can be directly entered. The bench press does not need to move the bars, the squat does not need to move the position, and the safety factor during the heavy weight training is improved.
    UHMW plastic core, one-piece cutting, stronger weight bearing capacity, keep the barbell as safe as the person using it.
    Stainless steel shaft pin, long-term use without paint falling, no rust, nylon plate at the inside lock surface, reducing friction on the upright column , lock around two sides of the upright.The precise structure allows it to be better close with the upright column surface, very small gap,more stable and able to withstand even greater impact. It only supports CLUSTER 75*75 square tubes.

    Max Rated Weight: 300KG