Cluster Speed Runner 2.0

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  • The CLUSTER Speed Runner 2.0 is a non-motorized treadmill-like machine designed to help you improve Power, Speed, Stamina. Perfect for use in a commerical settings like a Crossfit Box or Gym!

    Speed Runners are a perfect way to create a high intensity workout, that in-turn help improve your peak perfomance and stamina, for when you need every last bit energy!

    - For easy movement of the runner, it has wheels at the front of the machine with grips at the rear for easier handling.
    - The integrated console enables monitoring of performance data.
    - In order to ease the impact on joints the running belt surface is rubberised with Kevlar material which also helps to enhance grip levels and durability. 

    Model: CL-RUBK-0013
    Console power supply: AAA Battery

    Weight 180KG
    Maximum load: 180KG
    Noise level: below 80dB (A)
    Electrical protection level:IP 20
    Operating temperature: +5°C~+40°C
    Runner size (LWH): 1710*830*1590mm
    Package Size: 1900*900*480mm
    Does not include magnetoresistive function. 

    As reviewed by Top Reviews NZ in their 'The 7 Best Treadmills In New Zealand For A Home Gym' guide

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