Cluster Power Lever Arms Pro

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  • Product includes:(2) Vertical Trolleys, (2) 1000mm length Arms , (2) Adjustment Handle with loading pin.
    Arms length: 1000mm,75mm square steel tube(Fitness equipment special raw materials
    Handle: Multi-function handle,diameter 32mm.
    Vertical Trolley Plate thickness: 6mm
    Each Vertical Trolley has 2 protection pin ,double insurance.

    Load Weight posts: loadable length of 295mm—enough for roughly 100KG of bumpers and also depending on the type of plate used. The units are compatible with bands, as well, for another level of resistance training.

    The Vertical Trolleys and Adjustment Handle with loading pin are both built-in moving wheels and both designed for quick adjustment on the columns and arms.

    Compatible ONLY with CLUSTER 75*75 square Upright column(CLUSTR Rigs and Rack). Can be set-up to perform everything from incline bench presses to rack pulls, shrugs, squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows, snatches, and lunges.

    1.Rigs and Rack MUST be bolted to the ground before use of the Lever Arms.
    2.Because of its heavy weight, it is necessary to ensure that the second Trolley protection pin is in an working state prior to training, do not adjust lever with weight pre-loaded.