Cluster Elite Rig 3.0 - Single Bay

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  • Introducing the Cluster Elite Rig 3.0 - Single Bay, the perfect addition to add to your home gym or training studio, providing options for functional fitness and CrossFit training. This compact yet robust rig offers a range of strength and functional training options, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their workout potential in a home setting.

    Key Features:

    • Single Bay Design: Optimized for home gyms, offering a range of exercise options in a compact footprint.
    • Functional Fitness & CrossFit Ready: Engineered to meet the diverse needs of functional fitness and CrossFit workouts.
    • Built for Longevity: Crafted from premium materials to ensure durability and stability, even for the most intense home workouts.
    Product No. Commodity Description Specification Color Unit Quantity
    CL-RIGBK-0102C Four sides  Holes Upright Column Pro B Length 2700mm,
    75cm square tube(3x3" 11-Gauge Steel with high quality)
    Tube wall thickness 3mm,
    Fitness equipment special raw materials
    All sides of the tube contain laser cutting holes
    Front laser engraving 1-25 digits, 25 scale numbers
    Bottom steel plate 8mm thick, three holes fixed iron plate,
    Equipped with expansion screws,
    Black matte finish, scratch resistant rub.
    Free to adjust the height of the connector according to demand
    Depending on the buyer's requirements , can compatible with a wide range of CLUSTER functional accessories.
    2.7m Black pcs 4
    CL-RIGRD-0201 Rig single Pull Up Bar A Length 1100mm, top function part, for Pull Up
    Grip diameter 32mm,
    Fitness equipment special steel
    Perfect soldering, the best hand feel
    Steel wall thickness 3mm,
    Fixing plate 200*75mm, 8mm thick, 4 fixing holes, M20 bolts.
    1.1m Red pcs 4
    CL-RIGBK-0320 Standard
    Leser cut and precision bent.
    UHMW plastic core inserts to protect bars knurling from damage,
    stronger weight bearing capacity, keep the barbell as safe as the person using it.
    the thickened 9mm plate ,stainless steel shaft pin, long-term use without paint falling, no rust, nylon plate at the inside lock surface, reducing friction on the upright column ,  lock around two sides of the upright.The precise structure allows it to be better close with the upright column surface, very small gap,more stable and able to withstand even greater impact. It only supports CLUSTER 75*75 square tubes.
    null Black pair 2