Barbell Protect Ring (Pair)

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  • The shoulder ring has a circumference of 215 mm, a width of 16 mm, and a thickness of 10 mm.

    CLUSTER's new high-elastic barbell shoulder ring protects the barbell and sleeve inner bearings.

    Suitable for CLUSTER standard CL-BARSR-1201 bar, CL-BARSR-1202 bar and Elite bar


    Oxidation Rate
    The resistance of a barbell to oxidation depends on the type of steel and the coating.
    Barbells at the higher end of the oxidation rate will require more care and maintenance to preserve their appearance.
    Maintenance period subject to climate and humidity of the particular area.

    Type of Barbell Surface Oxidation Rate Maintanance Period
    Stainless Steel Low Quaterly Maintance
    Cerakote Low Quaterly Maintance
    Hard Chrome Medium Monthly Maintance
    Chrome High Weekly Maintance
    Bare Steel High

    3 - 5 Day


    Guide to cleaning your Barbell