Women’s Olympic Barbell + Bumper Bundle Deal (115kg)

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  • Buy an Olympic Barbell (15KG) and Weight Plates (5KG - 20KG) and save 5% off our already competitive prices!

    A barbell and weight plates form the fundamentals of almost every compound movement you do to improve overall strength and technique. 

    Vital to improving your 'Big 4' Movements (Bench, Deadlift, Squat  and Overhead Press)

    Note: Choose any Collar style you like from the drop down menu.

    Whats included?

    Product Code:  Name Quantity Included
    CL-BARSR-1202 Olympic Barbell (15KG) 1
    PL-KGBK-1316 Cluster Black Training Bumper Plate 5KG 2
    PL-KGBK-1317 Cluster Black Training Bumper Plate 10KG 2
    PL-KGBK-1318 Cluster Black Training Bumper Plate 15KG 2
    PL-KGBK-1319 Cluster Black Training Bumper Plate 20KG 2


    Olympic Bar (Female) Cluster Black training Bumper Plates

    Bar Type: Olympic Female Bars 
    Bar weight: 15kg
    Bar Length: 2010mm
    Shaft Diameter:25mm 
    Knurl:  Dual Kunrl Marks, no Center Knurl  Shaft Coating: Hard Chrome Sleeve Coating:  Hard Chrome 
    Bearing : 8 NK bearing 
    Tensile Strength: 190K PSI 
    Max loading:1200LB 
    Main material :Spring steel

    Galvanized Steel Inserts
    Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% of claimed weight
    Tested on a Shore A Durometer scale, the Competition Plates’ average measurement was a 93which delivers a consistent dead blow with minimal bounce and decreases the time spent on stabilizing the barbell.
    Innovative design, lipped edges of the plate make the plates easier to pick up 

    Collar Opening: 50.40MM 


    Oxidation Rate
    The resistance of a barbell to oxidation depends on the type of steel and the coating.
    Barbells at the higher end of the oxidation rate will require more care and maintenance to preserve their appearance.
    Maintanance period subject to climate and humidity of particular area.

    Type of Barbell Surface Oxidation Rate Maintanance Period
    Stainless Steel Low Quaterly Maintance
    Cerakote Low Quaterly Maintance
    Hard Chrome Medium Monthly Maintance
    Chrome High Weekly Maintance
    Bare Steel High

    3 - 5 Day


    Guide to cleaning your Barbell